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Impact Crusher

What is the Impact crusher? Impact crusher is what properties of the crushing equipment?

Impact crusher is a kind of mining machinery industry commonly used hard stone crushing equipment, referred to as the counterattack break, impact crusher is suitable for crushing hard material, because of the simple structure, power consumption saving, broken ratio, product size uniform advantages, in metallurgy, coking, chemical, building materials, refractory materials and other industrial sectors widely used, such as cement limestone crusher, has a large capacity, a small particle size advantages.

Impact crusher

Impact crusher how it works:

Stone from the machine top directly into the high-speed rotation of the turntable; under the function of high-speed centrifugal force, and the other part with umbrella type shunt in the surrounding rocks from a high-speed collision with a high density of crushed stone in, against each other, and the turntable and the casing is formed between the vortex motion caused many of the against each other, friction, crushing, from the lower part through discharge. The formation of closed cycle of repeated, by screening equipment control to achieve the required particle size. The crusher ( back broken) by high speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer for breaking into the cavity, the material to produce high speed impact and broken, and the broken material along the tangent direction at high speed into the crushing chamber and the other end of the back plate, was again broken, and then from the strike plate to plate rebound hammer, continue to repeat the above process. During the trip, the materials and clashing role. Because the material is plate hammer blow, and the counterattack plate impact as well as the material mutual collision, the material continuously produce cracks, loose due to crushing. When the particle size is less than the impact plate and the plate hammer when the gap between, was discharged.

Impact crusher technical characteristics :

[1] .Multiple cavity is crushed, suitable for crushing hard rock, high efficiency and energy saving.
[2] .Low and big feed port, convenient production line layout and increase the size of feeding material.
[3] .Full hydraulic open, easy to repair and replacement of wearing parts, product shape of a cube, nesting adjustable particle size, simplified crushing process.
[4] .The unique tooth type counterattack scaleboard, new wear-resistant materials so that the plate hammer, back lining and lining board with longer life.

Impact crusher classification:

Impact crusher according to their structural characteristics can be divided into the single rotor impact crusher ( back broken) and double rotor impact crusher ( back broken). Rotor turning, single rotor impact crusher the reversible rotary and not reversible turn two big types. Double rotor impact crusher can be classified to rotate in the same direction, reverse rotation type and the opposite direction rotation type three types. According to the internal structure, single rotor impact crusher is divided again with even grate plate and without regularity grate plate two forms. Double rotor impact crusher can be divided into the rotor at the same level and the rotor is not at the same level in two forms.

Impact crusher features:

[1] .The rotor back can bear rotor high moment of inertia and the hammer head impact crushing force, high chrome hammer, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, impact force.

[2] .The machine optimization design into a low speed, multiple crushing cavity of impact crusher, crushing complete function, high productivity, mechanical wear small, high comprehensive benefits.

[3] .The machine has three broken and a shaping function, broken than large, product shape of a cube, which can be selectively broken etc.

[4] .Reasonable plate hammer structure, with loading and unloading fast, multiple transposition and other advantages, can reduce the heat exchanger plate hammer time.

[5] .A new manufacturing technology, successfully developed a high wear resistance, high toughness of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium alloy materials, to solve the hard problem. The broken material greatly improves the service life of the plate hammer.

[6] .The unique counterattack tooth plate, keyless connection, convenient maintenance, reliable and economical.In

[7] .PF1315hard rock strikes back broken with a multifunctional hydraulic station, a hydraulic high speed discharge gap, the counterattack plate vibration and stable body automatic opening and other functions.

Impact crusher technical parameters : 

Model Specification ( mm ) Feeding size ( mm ) Yield ( t/h ) Power ( kW ) Dimensions ( mm ) Weight ( T )
PF-0807 850×700 400×730 15-30 30-45 2210×1490×2670 8.1
PF-1007 1000×700 400×730 30-50 37-55 2400×1558×2660 9.5
PF-1010 1000×1050 400×1080 50-80 55-75 2400×2250×2620 12.2
PF-1210 1250×1050 400×1080 70-120 110-132 2690×2338×2890 14.9
PF-1214 1250×1400 400×1430 130-180 132-160 2690×2688×2890 18.6
PF-1310 1300×1050 490×1170 80-140 110-160 2780×2478×2855 16.2
PF-1315 1320×1500 860×1520 160-250 180-260 3096×3273×2667 19.3
PF-1415 1450×1500 1145×1520 220-450 220-315 3745×3022×3519 27
PF-1520 1520×2000 830×2050 300-550 315-440 3581×3560×3265 38.7
PF-1818 1800×1800 1600×1850 600-850 650-900 4180×4200×4900 75

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