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Impact Crusher

What is HCP (A) / HCS (A)  Impact Crusher ? HCP (A) / HCS (A) crusher mining machinery industry .

HCP ( A ) /HCS ( A ) series impact crusher is China SHR Machinery Co. , Ltd. developed a new high- efficiency crushing equipment, and its R & D process is the SHR Mechanical absorption of foreign advanced technology, combined with domestic actual situation optimization design research and development, the whole structure is simple and practical, low energy consumption, in high efficiency, humanization, crushing ratio, uniform finished product size, and selective crushing effect. Especially in the disposal of the construction waste, dry mortar production industry, has been applied very widely.

HCP (A) / HCS (A)  Impact Crusher

HCP (A) / HCS (A)  Impact Crusher

HCP (A) / HCS (A) series Impact Crusher introduced :

HCP (A) / HCS (A) Series Impact Crusher is absorbing foreign advanced technology , and to optimize the design with the actual situation , the overall structure is simple, practical and reasonable without losing more humane , while the cavity bigger and more excellent, under the same conditions , improved production efficiency.

HCP (A) / HCS (A) Series Impact Crusher is widely used for crushing all kinds of soft and medium hard ore to the primary crusher and secondary crusher for primary crushing , broken , broken bits . Mainly used in mining, construction, chemicals , cement , metallurgy and other industries .

HCP (A) / HCS (A) series of impact crusher specific features are as follows :

[1] .Unique plate hammer locking device, fastening torque greater, more secure, more simple, convenient replacement of the plate hammer, fast.

[2] .Lining design standardization, interchangeability of spare parts, reduce the user types and inventory, and replaced more easily.

[3] .Rotor welding processing, assembly is required to do static, dynamic balance test, allowing the rotor to run more smoothly, the use of a longer time.

[4] .Back frame and the grinding frame adjustment has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, not easy to damage, and convenient repair, low cost.

[5] .Product versatility, two cavity crushing equipment without change in other parts of the foundation, increase the grinding frame, can be turned into a three cavity crushing equipment, reduce user two investment.

[6] .Heavy rotor, finite element stress analysis, optimization design, structure more reasonable, moment of inertia is greater, more than broken, broken ability, stronger abrasion resistance.

[7] .The unique design of the hydraulic device, which can facilitate the user to easily open rack, replacement parts, but also on the back frame adjustment of the discharge hole.

[8] .The spindle adopts the high quality forgings machining, while the shaft without keys design, using the advanced international expansion sets tight connecting way, can make the equipment run more reliable, more convenient maintenance.

[9] .The quality of the sheet and wear-resistant parts, reduce the abrasion, improves the production efficiency of various conditions, advanced processing equipment and technology, is the high performance equipment foundation.

[10] .Simple locking device, the back broken shell and shell two is tightly locked together. The device has the advantages of simple operation, convenient, save the locking time.

HCP (A) / HCS (A) series Impact Crusher technical parameters :

Model Max Feed edge(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor power(kW) Weight(Excluding Motor)(t)
With grinding chamber
Without the grinding chamber
HCP128A) 300 30-50 37-55 11.56  10.56 
HCP139A) 400 50-80 55-75 14.4 13.47
HCP239A) 500 70-120 110-132 14.696 13.596
HCP255A) 500 100-180 132-160 17.43 16.12
HCP359A) 600 160-250 200-250 26.26  24.61 
HCP459A) 650 220-450 250-315 27.046  25.438
HCP579A) 700  250-550 400-440 36.01  33.67
HCP679A) 800  300-600  440-560  52.6  48.3 
HCP779A) 1000 500-850  630  84.1  78.9
HCS128A) 250 30-50 37-55  11.36 10.3 
HCS139A) 300 50-80 55-75 14.16  13.23 
HCS239A) 350 70-120 110-132 14.675 13.583
HCS255A) 350 100-180 132-160 17.465 16.153
HCS359A) 400 160-250 200-250  26.35 24.88 
HCS459A) 450 220-450 250-315 27.12 25.655 
HCS579A) 500 250-550 400-440 36.292 33.95
HCS679A) 600  300-600  440-560  53.1  49.2
HCS779A) 700 500-850  630  85.2  79.3

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