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Die Cut Natal is the first company in Africa to install the latest and most modern equipment for the process of die-making. We have always pleased our clients with our fast and efficient service and now, with our latest arrival to the team I cannot imagine the type of satisfaction we would bring to our clients, both old and new.

The process begins with the client having an idea on what type of packaging or shape is required. By giving us an idea of the dimensions and shapes, our fully qualified CAD operator begins the process of finding one of twenty thousand designs suitable for your application, and with a few clicks of the mouse, you now have the perfect design on screen.

Once approved, the design is processed to the Rule Processor, where the dies are bent automatically, according to the design that has been programmed into it, and the dies are made perfectly.

With this technology, we have changed the face of the die-making industry. We are extremely confident that our new services will help speed up your production line and keep your customers as happy as we will be keeping you, our loyal customers.