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Prem Haripersad


Die Cut Natal was officially opened on the 28 May 1989.
Housed in 58 square metres at 58 Alexandra Street with a staff compliment of two excluding Mr. Haripersad.

Initially Die Cut Natal offered die cutting service to the printing and packaging industries.
After outsourcing die making for approximately 9 months, the growing need to produce die's
in-house became eminent.

Prem Haripersad started a small die shop which at the time proved very successful. In November the same year (1990) Prem received the small business development corporation entrepreneur of the month award.

Committed to servicing excellence to all his clients and the need for expansion Prem decided to move to bigger premises.

In 1992 Die Cut Natal moved to bigger premises, located at 230 Sydney Road, Durban. In 1993 upgrades were made to offer a better quality die.

Due to the overwhelming support from valued clients Die Cut Natal took the plunge and bought their own building, located at 287 Gale Street in Durban, doubling the previous work space.

Die Cut Natal continued to grow and prosper with a firm commitment to offer service and quality to all valued clients.

In 2003 Prem Haripersad felt it was time to take Die Cut Natal to new heights.

After extensive market research and consultation, Prem Haripersad found himself locked into interest in high-tech Die Making equipment from abroad.

Extensive research and a firm commitment has resultantly transformed Die Cut Natal into a world class establishment with the latest technology equipment.

In November 2003 Die Cut Natal acquired a Cad Design Program to offer clients a fully computerized design service including a sample making table.

In January 2004 a fully computerized Cad-driven Router was installed, making dies to a maximum size of 1250mm x 2500mm with a guaranteed tolerance of 0.01 to a mm.

Further to the Router Die Cut Natal have installed a fully integrated rule processing system which guarantees a hundred percent quality die.